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StyleWriter points out even more ways to improve my writing


Welcome to Goldmine Guides.COM

GGC is a leading indie literary agency founded in 2011. We represent and help an exciting and varied list of international writers, including novelists, biographers, historians, chefs and journalists.

We publish both  eBooks and paperbacks, and provide help in releasing your book in audio format.

As a small agency, we pride ourselves on the close and effective relationships that we build with our clients.

If you are an author and need help in the complex self-publishing world please feel free to contact us.

Do you have a manuscript ready or nearing completion? Are you tired of rejections? Tired of waiting for the inevitable call that never happens. Contact us.

Goldmine Guides is here to help you realize your dream and get you published in the easiest most cost effective way possible.

 Let Goldmine Guides help you.

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