We publish a variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction. We are optimistic and forward thinking and pride ourselves on having the ability to offer new writers alongside published authors the opportunity to become established in an increasingly flourishing industry.

Here at Goldmineguides.com we have faith in all of our publications and treat each of them as a potential success. Our strength in promoting our publications has grown phenomenally and we continually implement new ideas and strategies to influence the sales and promotion of each of our titles. Our efforts and unique approaches have a great deal of impact on the work of our authors, who are guaranteed the best start in their career as a writer.


The concept of eBooks is becoming increasingly popular within the reading public alongside the traditional paperback. eBooks are a cutting edge way to publish and distribute books across a wide range of digital reading devices such as Kindle, iPad and many more, meaning that your work is available for readers across the globe to download and enjoy at the touch of a button.

Having acknowledged this revolution in the Publishing industry, we as publishers have come to embrace the eBook format.