Anna Myers lives in London, UK with her husband. They are both avid travelers and writers.

Below are Anna's books to date:


Anna Myers in this delightful short book, provides a gallery of extraordinary women swindlers, con artists and imposters.Some of the women you may even like and some you will despise.


In this wonderful short book, author Anna Myers looks at the colorful life of the extraordinary bohemian adventuress Lady Hester Stanhope.

Lady Hester lived in England until the age of about 34 when she set off traveling and fell in love with the Middle East. While en route to Egypt she was shipwrecked, and lost all her clothes. Unable to purchase European clothes she adopted a male version of Turkish dress. This, made her a bit of a 'cause celeb' in the Middle East, and also that she rode horseback into Damascus without a veil, an unthinkable thing to do at the time. In fact, many of the things Lady Hester did were unthinkable at the time, which is what made her such a colorful character.

Many of the travels she undertook were exceedingly dangerous, but she appeared fearless. She was the first European woman - and one of the few Europeans to survive the dangerous journey - to enter Palmyra, in the middle of the Syrian desert. The native Bedouins crowned her as “Queen of the Desert”.

 Women Pirates

There is an old superstition among sailors that women at sea bring bad luck. Despite this, many women have proved their seafaring skills. When we think of Pirates we have a tendency to think of masculine men. But did you know that the most successful pirate of all time was a woman? Neither the Chinese, British or Portuguese navies could stop her.
In this delightful short book author Anna Myers takes a look at the lives of eight wicked women pirates.