Penny Lane lives in rural Devon in the UK with her husband Michael and two Labrador dogs. She works in a Naturopathy clinic.

Penny studied nutrition and health at Exeter University and has a love of all things natural.

LOVE YOUR LIVER:How to keep your liver healthy

This book has some great tips for good liver health, delicious liver-friendly recipes and information that will help you get to know one of your most hardworking and vital organs.
The liver performs an amazing 500 different functions. It produces bile, essential for breaking down fat for absorption and extracting vitamins A, D, E and K, stores energy from food until it is needed, and aids our natural immunity by releasing chemicals to fight infection.With so many important jobs to do, your liver is robust enough to carry on even when it is damaged - it can even repair itself. But every organ has its limits and the liver is no exception. We must learn to love our liver. Our liver helps us to recover from all our over indulgences. So learn to give your liver love it deserves it and this book will help you do so.

HERBS FOR LOVE: ENHANCE YOUR SEX LIFE (Nature's Natural Aphrodisiacs)

Enhance your diet with the use of natural herbs and improve your love life.
According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite - the goddess of love, beauty, fertility and desire had emerged from the waters carrying some herbs with her. The plants she brought had powers to excite sexual desire, and came to be known as aphrodisiacs.
The heady aromas and flavors of expensive, exotic spices have been known since ancient times to create a “stimulating” environment. Every ancient culture testifies to the sexually stimulating properties of certain foods.


The ancient world believed seafood had aphrodisiac characteristics because, the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, sprang from the foam of the sea on an oyster shell (hence Botticelli's much reproduced painting of the goddess floating on a seashell). The Romans named her Venus.
The sea is one of the major sources of life and Seafood has been seen as the food of love for many centuries. A claim that is not surprising considering it is brimming with minerals such as calcium, zinc, iodine and iron.
In this delightful book of aphrodisiac foods, the author looks at the most popular fishy aphrodisiacs as well as providing some excellent recipes to enjoy them.