How self-publishing has come into its own

Self-Publishing was once seen as a last resort by writers rejected by publisher after publisher is fast becoming the most successful trend in writing.

In times past self-publishing was derided as vanity publishing. Today it´s not only vanity projects that are taking the self-publishing route, many well-known authors are also turning to self-publishing.

Award-winning Faulkner author John Edgar Wideman chose to publish his new collection of short stories through; the site, offering authors an 80/20 revenue split, has purportedly published over 1.1 million authors and adds 20,000 new titles to its catalogue a month.

It is sites like Lulu and Amazon's CreateSpace that enables authors to produce print editions of their books without the trouble of setting up a publishing business and dealing directly with print-on-demand publishers.

It has freed authors from the old submission and rejection merry-go-round. Writers around the world are getting their books to readers without a publisher standing in between. – and getting paid for it. Self-publishing is becoming accepted and respectable.

So what has so dramatically changed the publishing world?

Authors claim it's the internet and the inexhaustible rise of eBooks that have been the game changers. And there is little in the way of argument to prove them wrong. Ebooks have completely changed self-publishing and the general publishing world forever.

Recently Amazon announced that John Locke had sold 1,010,370 Kindle books usingKindle Direct Publishing, making him the first self-published author to join the "Kindle Million Club", next to authors like Stieg Larsson and James Patterson.

Self-published authors Louise Voss and Mark Edwards say they're selling up to 1,900 copies a day on's Kindle with their jointly-written thriller, Catch Your Death.

David Moody, who was making a £1,000 a month self-publishing his horror novels and landed deals with Thomas Dunne Books in the US and Gollancz in the UK also attracted the attention of film producer Mark Johnson. He claims on his website that one of his novels is downloaded somewhere in the world every seven seconds. He has now written a new Kindle book, “How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months”.

Even JK Rowling has finally bowed in and is launching eBooks on her new website, Pottermore.

For many the choice is obvious “Why go to a publisher for them to take all the profit from your work?”

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